Tips on how to make a simple and effective wedding invitation

Wedding invitations have become increasingly complex in recent years, with many brides sharing their news through email, social networking sites and even mobile text messages. If you prefer a more traditional approach to telling friends and family about your upcoming nuptials, here are some simple DIY wedding invitation ideas that are sure to yield elegant results.

Follow the wedding etiquette rules

When it comes to creating invitations, weddings are one of the few events where there are many “rules” to follow. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the most important ones:

  1. Wedding invitations are mailed at least six weeks prior to the event. For destination weddings , invitations are sent nine to twelve months in advance.
  2. For formal weddings , guests are invited by honorifics (Mr., Ms.) followed by their full name. Casual invitations omit the honorific and last name, leaving only the first. When it comes to replies, most formal wedding invitation etiquette states that the reply is due within four weeks of receipt . If a reply card is included , it’s a good idea to send the RSVP as early as four months ahead of time.
  3. Instead of addressing all envelopes by hand, some brides opt to print return address labels. If you choose this option, it’s important to place them as close as possible to where guests’ names and addresses will appear on the envelopes for ease of matching.

What is the best wedding invitation format for 2021?

  1. For formal weddings , traditional paper invitations are always appropriate. Luxurious options include Italian papers, raised ink and letterpress.
  2. If you want to go digital with your wedding invitation , check out e-invitations. Many online vendors offer free samples to help get you started. Keep in mind that many couples prefer these cards for casual weddings.
  3. The order of information on a wedding invitation is always the same: inside envelope, outer envelope and response card. When addressing an envelope for a multiple-guest wedding , be sure to address each guest individually by first name.

Here are some examples of wedding invitation designs that you can download for free

Pink White Floral Letterpress Wedding Invitation


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Pink and Mauve Romantic Leafy Wedding Portrait Invitation


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Black and Gold Elegant Gold Wedding Portrait Invitation


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Black and White Flower Vintage Illustration Wedding Invitation

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Blue and Pink Abstract Watercolor Brush Wedding Invitation

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That’s a collection of our wedding invitation designs that you can download for free. We hope you find some pages you like. Next, you can explore our site to find more invitation designs with different themes.

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